Sunday, October 12, 2008

Suspended indefinitely?!?!?!

Are you serious?

Someone in the NHL needs to explain to not just me, but any self-respecting (and game-respecting) hockey fan why Michael Peca is suspended indefinitely by the NHL for making contact with an official because he contested a very questionable non-call? Since when is questioning said non-call (Peca was tripped in fornt of the net by Brenden Morrow, who eventually scored a goal just a few seconds later), a suspension-worthy offense?

A) If a guy wants to plead his case, the referee doesn't need to over-react.

B) and C) Four words: "Marty McSorley" and "Todd Bertuzzi."

Everyone saw the McSorley stick-swing against Donald Brashear. McSorley hit Brashear in the head with his stick ( That essentially ended McSorley's career, and rightfully so. That started with an indefinite suspension.

Bertuzzi? He attacked Colorado's Steve Moore by jumping on his back and mashing his face into the ice (, over a play in a previous matchup between the two teams -- in which Moore had a clean hit on Vancouver's captain, Markus Naslund, and knocked him out for a few games with a concussion.

Yes, given, it was a concussion, but it was not intended. No penalty was called. The Canucks raised a stink (and rightfully so, sure) because it was their captain and leading scorer. However, it was a clean hit.

Meanwhile, Bertuzzi's cheap-shot ended Moore's career. Yet, Todd Bertuzzi is still playing. What began as an "indefinite suspension" wound up with Bertuzzi missing a handful of regular season games, and the one series Vancouver played in the playoffs that year.

Then the lockout happened. And Bertuzzi wound up reinstated in time for the end of the lockout and played in the 2005-06 season, and is still playing.

Steve Moore has not played since.

Someone tell me how fair that is.

According to the NHL, mere contact with an official is somehow equivalent to the McSorley and Bertuzzi incidents? Under this "Rule 41, Category 2," Michael Peca has to wait until later this week for a hearing to determine when he can take the ice again.

Yet a thug like Todd Bertuzzi is still playing hockey.

I'm not condoning abuse on an official in hockey. Their jobs are hard enough. But is trying to argue a call really worthy of a minimum ten-game suspension (according to what the Columbus Dispatch is quoting

Peca already sat out a loss against Phoenix overnight. If he sits more than one game for this garbage, that is a huge injustice. Commissioner Gary Bettman let Todd Bertuzzi play again, and what Michael Peca did doesn't even come close. What message does that send?

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