Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There's no place like home... we hope...

That's a pretty well-lit concourse they have at the Shark Tank in San Jose. Just an observation. It is just really well-lit. Maybe it's the light-colored floors, because it makes me think of Port Columbus. It's not natural light, because It was about 9:30 in the evening there when I saw the live shot during the second intermission.

That well-lit was about the only light I saw after 5:18 in the second period, when Christian Backman almost immediately responded to SJ's tying goal with his first goal in a CBJ sweater. From there, the Jackets just went to hell.

Still seeing good things on the first line, such as Huselius' goal. Chemistry still seems to be a problem, otherwise. This is not how a team is going to make the playoffs. It's tough enough that Columbus has to open up at home against Nashville, a team that is hard enough to beat. They can't have these problems this weekend (even worse, they have to play the Preds twice).

Rob Blake was a freakin' beast on the ice last night. He was key on a lot of shot blocks, and that patented hip-check did not fail when he used it. I'm not hiding the fact that I'm a big Blake fan. I rooted for him against the Canadiens in the Cup Finals (199.....3, right? It was a long time ago), and then he was an Av for some time. When one thinks about it, it's weird to see him not wearing either and Avs or Kings uniform. Tell you what, though... you see that hip check and you know it's him. The guy on the receiving end of it knows, too. He had some good shots, too. The dude's a threat, even in his late thirties. He's on my fantasy team, too, although it's not helping much.

I gotta tell you. I know Jody Shelley is not longer here, but I'm sure I'm not the only CBJ fan that absolutely adores that guy even now. I'm glad the Sharks realized his value and re-signed him for another two years during the summer. The guy can make people hurt, but what a class act off the ice. He's one of those very approachable, fan-friendly guys.

The Sharks made their money on shorties last night. Two of them. Ouch. For as far back as I can remember with the Jackets, it seems hard as hell to hold a lead against the Sharks.

I should add, as I may have said before, I often link to the Dispatch's coverage of the CBJ, because those guys get paid for it. I'm pretty knowledgeable, but I'm not an expert . This blog is a fan's perspective. Their Puck Rakers blog is really terrific... Portzline, Reed, Arace... I read them every day, because I care about what they see and what they think. First class work. Here's where you'll find them.

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