Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wow... I am the worst hockey blogger ever...

Good Lord... we're 25-30 games into the season, and I haven't updated since.... hmmmm.... October something. This is not my finest hour. Or day. Or month.

Or season.

I am the worst hockey blogger ever.

So much has happened, and I will have to play some major catch-up:
1) the iffy play of my Blue Jackets;
2) the woes of the sport's greatest captain (yes, my opinion, but it is my blog);
3) the return of the NHL's best player of my era (see above disclaimer) and
4) the fall of the sport's second-most annoying player on the ice (if you've read this blog, you know who I think #1 is)

I will fill in these blanks. Really. I will.

Consolation: According to the standings, I have the worst Fantasy Hockey team in my league, but I may not be the worst GM ever.