Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrandom Wrister: Foppa Coming... Home?

Admittedly, I don't get a chance to write much about the Avalanche and Bruins on here, except for the Playoffs.

I suppose that is he fault of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Then again, the fact that I don't have Blue Jackets stuff to write about from April through June is also the fault of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

However, with the Avs and Bruins playing today, and the fact that Peter Forsberg skated with he Avs today, and may kinda-sorta-maybe-possibly come back to the NHL in an Avalanche sweater... this is a pretty exciting day.

Sure, we've heard he Forsberg stuff before. "I'm back... ow, $#!+, my foot!"

However, I've always been a Peter Forsberg fan. He was the best player of his era (sorry, Jaromir... but you know it's true).

And while the last several years have raised questions about his health... one can never downplay what Peter Forsberg has accomplished. Even in his shortened comeback attempts, it was rare that Foppa didn't average a point a game. Not many of today's players can say that, even with all the measures the NHL has taken to increase scoring. And the ones who do... well, I won't mention them here, because God knows we hear their names enough on Versus and NBC, because they don't know who else to talk about.

And we know which two I'm talking about: One's a dirty player and the other looks like he's twelve and needs supervision to trim his little Prince-like moustache.

Not that I should insult Prince like that.

Anyway, for the Avs fans that have been tweeting about how good it is to see Peter Forsberg in an Avs sweater...

...I'm still waiting to see pictures.

Good luck, Foppa. Hope to see you on NHL ice again.

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