Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wrandom Wrister: Ted Williams

I usually have these little blurbs at the end of longer posts, but I figured what the hell. The last couple mornings have been all abuzz about the “Homeless Guy With The Golden Voice.” I hate even typing that, it has become so cliché… I mean Ted Williams has a name, media. Use it.

But anyway, he has been all over TV and has become an overnight celebrity in Columbus (and employed, too), and for some reason the one thing popped into my head as I was leaving for work after catching some of his segment on The Today Show…


Now, I’m not by any means suggesting that current PA Announcer Greg Murray should go anywhere. It would be kinda cool to hear Ted Williams do it sometime in a guest appearance, though.

Maybe Greg needs a stunt double? Maybe he wants to get out of Columbus and go someplace warm with the family in the winter months?

It's a much better idea than putting Penguins fans on the Zambonis at intermission...

See... totally wrandom.

Okay, back to our Trade Vigil... thanks for your time.

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