Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game 52: He's Umby, Dammit...

Wow. Who the hell do you give a game puck to in this game?

R.J. Umberger is a really easy choice, since he found a way to factor into all four Blue Jackets goals, including potting two of them.

Yet, one can certainly argue for Kristian Huselius, who put in the other two goals. But it struck me as the graphic goes up that Huselius was scoring just his 10th and 11th goals of the season.


What's his salary again?

Do I care? As long as W's are worth two points... not particularly. When you score is just as important as how many.

Don't get me wrong... the puck still goes to Umberger, but I'm not going to be down on Juice just because he hasn't been the point-a-game player we all want him to be. It's a nice way to bounce back after being a healthy scratch on Friday, though.

What matters at this moment is that, at worst, the Jackets are five points out of eighth at the end of the night. Then again, it could be seven or more again by Tuesday. What matters is where the Jackets are 30 games from now.

To hit 95 -- or at least that was last year's benchmark to make the Playoffs -- the Blue Jackets need to win 21 of those 30 games (barring OT or shootout losses, but no one wants to rely on those).

The rest of February after Tuesday is Western Conference play, so every point is huge, especially with most of the conference sitting above Columbus. We have seen good things this weekend. If my count is correct, they have now killed 13 straight penalties -- I might add that each of the last two nights involved a lengthy 5-on-3 the Jackets killed. Not too shabby.

Hitting some twine on the power play would be nice, though.

We'll see what happens Tuesday.

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