Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing At A New Level?

Blue Jackets fans are beginning to see that team that they saw at the beginning of the season… You remember, the team that started 14-6-0. That team that managed to earn points on the road. That team that led the Central Division for all of an hour back in November.

That team that found ways to win more often than not.

These guys look familiar… And damn, it is good to have them back.

Make no mistake, the Columbus Blue Jackets are still trying to climb out of a hole into a Playoff spot, but they're showing that this is a team that will not go quietly. With a pair of teams just a handful of points behind them already starting to make moves to make way for rebuilding, the Jackets are playing like a team looking to be buyers a week from Monday.

Or, given the market conditions, at least to not be sellers.

The Blue Jackets have now won six straight on the road, and are 6-0-2 in the last eight games on the road. The good guys are also now 7-7-2 in the Central Division.

Ready for the really freaky part? Look at the Conference Standings, under home and away records. The Jackets are just 14-13-2 at home... but look at that 15-10-4 record on the road.

Five games above .500 on the road?!?!? Crazy. Just think... a few more wins at home in December and January, and the Jackets are above the line.

Now, this win over Chicago is only one game. It's up to Columbus to finish the season above the line. No one seems to think they can, or that they're even worthy.

Case in point: Look at this piece from ESPN Chicago from last night.

"Blackhawks have sunk to Jackets' level"? Really? Maybe by some freak possibility... a little credit to the Jackets for how well they have played of late?

Note to ESPN Chicago: Screw you. If your home team had managed its finances and contract cap hits better, and had chosen to keep Antii Niemi, you wouldn't be lamenting the Blackhawks' current conference position right now.

Seriously... you sound like Lakers fans after they lost to Cleveland this week.

But if bashing your team for "sinking to the Jackets' level" makes you feel better, that's your prerogative.

Meanwhile, the Columbus faithful will enjoy the fact that our team is working hard and playing at a higher level against a talented Chicago team that just happens to not be executing very well.

Now... doesn't that sound better?

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  1. Wow. That's special. So what do they say about the Blackhawks when the only team they're higher than is Edmonton?