Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Waiting for the "e" ...?

The inexplicable ten straight wins the Columbus Blue Jackets will rattle off to contend for a Playoff spot began tonight as scheduled, thanks to the Jackets' special te--

Wait, hold on... Duchene scores... Duchene scores again... game is tied.

Wait... there's R.J. Umberger with the slapshot! Jackets take the 4-3 lead!

So, as I was saying, the Jackets' inexplicable ten strai-- Oh, for [bleep]'s sake! THREE SECONDS LEFT?!?!? REALLY?!?!?

This is what I get when I start drafting the lead to my post before the final horn.

It just got worse with the OT, with both the Jackets and Avs getting dangerously close to ending a game that never should have gone into overtime.

But, thanks to the Jackets' inexplicable inability to hold a lead as of late... well... there you go.

It looks pretty damn close to over, at least as far as the Playoffs are concerned. The Jackets are pretty much in "audition mode" now... just waiting for that "e" to show up next to the team name in the standings.

The effort just seems so...


An awesome backhand goal by Rick Nash past Brian Elloitt's pad. Derek MacKenzine's shorthanded wrister off the assist from Derek Dorsett. R.J. Umberger's pause to get a Erik Johnson to slide to block, only to lift the puck over him, and past Elliott (shorthanded, no less). Then Umby crashing the net to force it past Elliott again before bowling him over while carrying John-Michael Liles on his back.

All that. Wasted.

The Jackets scored two of their four goals on the penalty kill, shaking off a lackluster, five-shot effort in the first period and bringing the attack to the Colorado Avalanche and getting to a 3-1 lead. And then... it just seemed to go to hell.

Frustration doesn't sum it up well enough. It's a lot closer to anger.

I had some friendly banter with an Avs blogger (the Avalangelist) as the game was getting started -- mostly for fun because he understands I defect from the Avs fanbase for four games a year -- and he seemed rather lukewarm about the Avs' chances. I only said there were no gimmes -- heaven knows I've been burned by assuming any game is a gimme.

After that effort through 47 minutes, it should have been, though.

It's rare that I hate being right.

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