Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*Sigh*... That's Our Team

Man, early goals are scary, especially when a game is huge, like the one the Columbus Blue Jackets were playing against the St. Louis Blues last night.

Patrik Berglund's goal from the top of the slot past Steve Mason provided this game's early "oh crap" moment, and honestly, it made me question whether Mathieu Garon should have had the start... a move I thought would have been appropriate in the last game as well, after Mason was lit up for four and chased by the Oilers.

However, some sick stickhandling by Rick Nash, and the sweet pass to Jake Voracek that followed five minutes later made fans feel significantly better. So did Matt Calvert's goal off a rebound from a shot by R.J. Umberger, then Fedor Tyutin's goal that put the Jackets up 3-1 barely ten minutes into the game.

Saaaaaayyy... this team looks familiar, I thought to myself.

Then two straight penalties resulted in two power play goals to tie the game at 3, not even 14 minutes into the game.

This team also looked familiar....

Sadly, this tale of two teams ended in disappointment once again... and capped an 0-3-2 road trip that threatens to end the Blue Jackets' 10th season on April 9th.

Yes, the Jackets got one point, and every point is important... the problem is, there are only 17 games remaining in the sesason, and the Jacket need a hell of a lot more points to get into the Playoffs.

By not getting the second point, the Jackets negated a good performance by Rick Nash, who finally got on the score sheet for the first time on this road trip... never mind another stellar effort by Matt Calvert.

The loss leaves the Jackets at seven points out of a Playoff spot (L.A. got a point for taking the Stars to OT). And... again... the Jackets still need 14 more wins to get the points they need for a Playoff spot (and that is assuming 98 points will be enough in the West).

And if they don't pull off that small miracle... that is one more thing that will look all too familiar.

And the Blue Jackets can't afford that.

Wrandom Wrister
Speaking of familiar, why the hell was Fox Sports Ohio talking to T.J. Oshie after the game? Did we really need to see that? Don't the Blues have their own channel?
I'd rather hear the "disappointing," "need two points," "gotta play better," template from a Blue Jackets player than look at T.J. Oshie. Hell, just throw an extra commercial in there to fill the time if you have to.

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  1. TheClevelandHockey(Survivor of Dec 4th at Ntnwide)March 8, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    Hey, it's almost like we got a win in the points though.

  2. I don't know... at this point of the season, with the Jackets where they are... the one-point losses feel worse.