Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winning Is The Best Revenge...

It seems that I can not seem to escape former Columbus Blue Jackets players disappointing me this season.

First, former Jacket Jason Chimera -- who regularly missed wide-open nets in a CBJ sweater -- scored a clutch goal to deliver the Capitals against the Blue Jackets late this season.

Then Chimera scored in OT in game four of the first round against the Rangers, en route to spoiling one of my first-round Playoff picks (although I will accept that complaining about that is kind of self-serving).

Then, in Game 1 a week ago, former Jacket Raffi Torres scored with 18 seconds remaining to help the Canucks take game one.

Then, there was the Aaron Rome incident in Game 3 Monday night, but I'm done wasting time on him. You can only beat a dead horse for so long.

The good news is, after the first intermission, the Bruins came alive. Maybe they drew on some of that "Win it for Horty" energy. Whatever it was, the Bruins' play embodied that old saying that "Winning is the best revenge." The Bruins exploded for four goals in the second, and four more in the third to blow out the Canucks 8-1. Interestingly enough, it was the biggest margin of victory in the Stanley Cup Final game since game three of the 1996 final between Colorado and Florida… 15 years ago to the day, by the same score. Man, trivia is fun.

Simply put, the Bruins went crazy. They went out and hit guys. They scored seemingly at will – including two shorthanded goals.

Roberto Luongo looked human Monday night.

Tim Thomas looked like a freaking nose tackle. The dude was actually credited with a hit, to go with his 40 saves, knocking a Sedin on his ass in the crease. Which one? Don't know, don't care... they look alike, especially on their backs looking into the rafters.

Now, was the hit by Thomas legal? Eh, not so sure. Pretty sure I saw Pascal Leclaire get called for less when he was in Columbus.

All I know is that it was a sweet highlight and I'm so glad that Brett Ireland shot me the link to this video (thanks, man).

The important thing to remember, however, is that this is only one game. Was it a great game? Sure.

Are the Bruins back in this series? Somewhat. It's still 2-1, Canucks. The Bruins still have to make it a best-of-three series. Whatever their motivation, battling hard and winning tonight has to be the first objective. Forget 8-1. The next game starts with a 0-0 score, like any other game. The Bruins are mad. The Canucks are mad.

That's going to make for some damn good hockey.

Go Bruins!

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  1. TheClevelandHockeyJune 8, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    Was the hit by Thomas illegal? I agree that it's gray. What was else was he supposed to do, sit there and hope he can get his pads over before Hank lifts the puck over them? Sedin had control of the puck, and a goal was an imminent possibility.

    Regardless of how legal it was it was fun to watch.

  2. It's definitely fuzzy. Olczyk seemed to think it was. Then again, inches from the crease is a weird place for Sedin to be batting the puck down with his hand and trying to play it. I would have belted him, too.

    Like I said, I saw Pazzy Leclaire get a B.S. whistle once or twice in Columbus for doing much less. Interference penalties against goaltenders are pretty rare. I'd say it's a good non-call under the circumstances.