Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wrandom Wristers: Draft Day 1 Edition

While the Blue Jackets undoubtedly made the largest splash in the Draft on Thursday in terms of impact (although the Flyers parted with two big chunks), other teams did some wheeling and dealing Friday, in the hours leading up to and during the NHL Draft.

Unfortunately, if Scott Howson was looking at John-Michael Liles as a potential pick-up for an offensive defensemen (that second round pick may still be up for grabs), he's out of luck. Colorado dealt Liles to Toronto for their second-round pick.


San Jose certainly made some noise, getting Brent Burns and next year's second-round pick from Minnesota for Devin Setoguchi, 2010 first-rounder Charlie Coyle and this year's first-round pick. It's actually a pretty good deal for both teams. Burns is coming off a career year and adds some scoring from the blueline, and Setoguchi can create chances for Minnesota's woeful offense.
Meanwhile, off the ice Winnipeg has decided apparently to name its team the Jets.

This is such a sad and lame idea. Had the coyotes moved back to Winnipeg, then yes... perhaps then naming the team the Jets would have been appropriate. However, this time around, a different name would have been a much better idea. Winnipeg is essentially starting over. So, why not start fresh?

Winnipeg was better off calling the team the WTF's. No, I don't mean the long version of that... I mean literally call them the "WTF's". "Dub-TF's" for short, maybe? Or how about the "What-nots"?

"Jets"? Snooze-Bar.

However, maybe they'll completely revamp the logos, and avoid an epic fail.

But, hey… I'm just one guy. It's not like I can tell Winnipeg's marketing department what to do. That would be like someone telling the Boston Bruins marketing department to take down those "offensive" Bruins Hockey Rules signs. Oh, wait... a bunch of Tampa fans actually did that.

Now, in the win column for Winnipeg... it was nice to see Claude Noel on stage tonight. Good guy for the Jets to have behind the bench. Now, considering the team that moved there, I sure as hell don't envy the Herculean task Noel has in order to get the Jets to respectability. But I'm happy he's back coaching in the NHL.

Meanwhile, the Jackets' Central Division neighbors, the Nashville Predators appear set to unveil new sweaters this weekend (or at least the road jersey at the draft). Marc Torrence from On The Forecheck had an interesting post Thursday, with a couple shots of what they might look like (apparently his source has since said these are not the new sweaters). They do look very interesting. I like the update of the main logo that they did and that number font on the away jersey looks pretty good. I'm not crazy about the guitar pick logo thing, although I do get the whole "saluting Nashville's musical heritage" bit. However, if you take a look at that away jersey in his post, you can make out piano keys on the inside of the collar. That's a nice touch.

Anyway, I guess we'll find out tomorrow, since the Preds didn't have a first-round pick.

I can't help but wonder if Howson has more up his sleeve. Could be an interesting Day 2.

Probably taping that for later, though. I made Mrs. Martini sit through a long postseason with the Bruins. She needs a leisurely Saturday with me and the dogs.

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