Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dude... Where's My CBJ Swag?

Another post of random rumblings to provide a hockey fix for the

Mrs. Martini and I were making a trip up to one of Columbus' fine retail spaces. To keep my Man Card firmly in place, I won't refer to it by its full name. So... we'll just call it "Polaris."

Anyway, Mrs. Martini was making a trip to get some Mrs. Martini stuff (it's none of my business what she gets, folks... strictly "smile-and-nod" territory). So, I figured I'd check things out at a sports establishment to see if there was any cool new swag to pick up before CannonFest on Sunday.

In a few words... well... there wasn't much.

Now, to be fair, it is the offseason. NHL stuff is pretty much exiled to a small corner next to the NBA stuff. That much I can understand.

But this...

Dude! Where's MY team's stuff?!?!?
Three arms of Pittsburgh Penguins shirts?!?!?

Oh, and to the right of this picture... a bunch of Detroit stuff. So, if you're buying something for the WalMart WingNut in your life, you're also in good shape.

I suppose I should be happy that CBJ hats at least outnumber those of our less-desirable neighbors, but wow. By the way, the hockey hats are on racks mixed in among hats for the English Premier league, or some other Euro soccer thing. Guess hockey is not a priority in general.

Oh, and the circular rack next to me was all kid-size stuff. Again, CBJ stuff outnumbered by Pens and Wings stuff.

Now, maybe... just maybe... the CBJ stuff is selling well. Cool. So... what's wrong with re-stocking? It's not like there's a competing Blueline store in the mall.

However, there's a mannequin all decked out in Michael Vick $#!+ in the front window. There's Vick stuff in kids' sizes, too. Yeah, huge role model there, people.

Yeah... sadly, not much of a bandwagon here in Columbus. Plenty of stuff for those who hate the Buckeyes, though (the Michigan selection is quite impressive... since there is a Buckeye Corner nearby for OSU stuff).

Entirely the retailer's fault? Nah. Jackets fans will be the first to admit the team's past is spotty, and it's not like anyone can predict whether the Blue Jackets' offseason moves will mean a run into the Playoffs for any length of time, regardless of what I or any other CBJ bloggers tell you.

It's just that... well, that's a LOT of Wings and Pens crap for a store in Columbus.

Central Division in the house... just no CBJ...
Hell, there was an Islanders jersey on the wall. I'm guessing the supplier just threw that in the box for free... for all I know, it has been there for years. Shaking it for dust seemed like it would be rude.

I was tempted, though....

But you know where you can find some CBJ swag? CannonFest, baby.

Your fellow Blue Jackets fans will converge at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Grandview on Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m., so you have no excuse to miss an opportunity to get yourself some food and drink specials and wear some Union Blue. You'll get to meet (or re-acquaint yourself with) a bunch of really great people and get a hockey fix to tide you over until training camp.

Plus, the Jacket Backers will be there, and they're doing a raffle, which is great on two fronts. One... all proceeds go to Hockey Beats Down, a not-for-profit organization that raises money for various charitable organizations.

Second... you just might walk out of B-Dubs with some really cool swag... such as the sign you see here.

"You want this... don't you..."

There is also a large Antoine Vermette third jersey up for grabs, courtesy of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Good food, good company, and for a good cause.

We'll see you Sunday.

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