Monday, August 15, 2011

"What. It Matches My Dress...!"

Full disclosure... I'm partially to blame.

"Hey babe... need a sweater?"

"I'm good."

"You sure?"

"Doesn't exactly go with my dress, hon..."

I peeked into the room.... Dress? Yep. Black, gold trim.

"What's wrong with jeans?"

"Too hot."

She had a point... but a dress?

I had to think fast. CannonFest is a hockey event, I thought to myself. She's gonna be overdressed. I had to find a solution.

I thought back to the closet. It was a risk.

"I... do... have a Boston third," knowing I was clearly doomed.

I packed that and the home blue anyway, figuring she might change her mind.

Parked. Ready to go in. I put my sweater on, she she looks in the back... "Awwww, you did bring it."

...and secretly hoped she'd change her mind and grab the home blue.

No dice. "But this one goes with my dress."

That was her story -- and for now, her jersey -- and she was sticking to both.

I should also point out, as a marketing professional, she is also a huge fan of the team's "Bruins Hockey Rules" marketing campaign. You know... the one that was a bunch of fun before some cut-rate shock-jock in Tampa mobilized easily-offended Bolts fans to nag the team until they removed the signs from The Garden.

Well, she survived. Despite the occasional looks and even the occasional inquisition, she was unharmed at the end.

At least her nails were Union Blue... (thanks to Mary O'Malley at Fire That Cannon)

Sure, it DOES, technically, go with the dress... but I appreciate Mrs. Martini's survival all the same.

Still, it was worth a laugh afterwards...

...especially as I start reorganizing the closet before our next night out....

But, honey... it's a sweater. And see? It goes with my TIE!

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  1. I liked that Raptors the logo from Cedar Point's ride. That one was cool and being pretty much black and gray, would go with anything.
    Now which team was that again?