Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wrandom Wrister - Dear Rangers & Flyers: Grow The F*** Up

In an emergency move, NBC has restructured the canceled sitcom Outsourced as a reality show, to give Brendan Shanahan some extra hands to keep up with the stupid behavior of players wearing New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers uniforms...

... wait... Dan Carcillo's not even in Philly anymore?!?!?

Tom Sestito... the guy who could have capitalized on an opportunity to put Jody Shelley out of a job after his stupid hit last week... dished out his own suspension-worthy hit Monday night.

Oh, and there is no way in hell he'll be able to justify this, either. Andre Deveaux didn't have a chance to see what was coming as Sestito came at him full speed. Even Johnnie Cochran wouldn't have been able to get Sestito out of this one.

Way to work for an NHL job, you putz.

Quick aside... Jody Shelley and Tom Sestito were both in the CBJ system, and gritty as they were, they never played like this in Columbus. Inherent Flyers culture corrupting otherwise just "gritty" hockey players? Just figured I'd put it out there... decide for yourself.

But I digress....

Sean Avery crying about Wayne Simmonds (supposedly) using a homophobic slur toward him? Ummmmmm, first of all... you'd think Mr. "Sloppy Seconds" would have thicker skin.

Second... well, supposedly, Avery used... ummmm, "objectionable" language toward Simmonds as well. Obviously, there's no proof, and perhaps there never will be... though obviously, it wouldn't be the first time provocative language was spewed by Lady Byng's evil step-child.

Does that make a homophobic slur acceptable? Absolutely not. Of all people, you'd think a guy who was on the receiving end of racist behavior just a few nights ago would think twice before rattling off such a thing to an opponent.

Sure, it's Sean Avery, and he's more of a caricature of a hockey player than anything else, but this isn't Slap Shot, you idiots... in fact, most of the film is much tamer. This isn't high school, boys.

Hockey fans get it. There was a big media event earlier... the Winter Classic in Philadelphia in January, and you guys just happen to be meeting in a preseason game the same day. Yadda, yadda, etc.

Fine. You're in the same division. You don't like each other, and you absolutely don't have to. But you also don't have to go conducting yourself like morons. There's building anticipation and hype for a big hockey event... and there's acting just plain stupid.

Keep this crap up, and VH1 will get better ratings with a Rock Of Love marathon than the NHL will with the Winter Classic. And they haven't made Rock Of Love in years... yet the reruns will have more substance.

The Rock Of Love marathon might even have more hockey in it.

Shut up and play hockey.

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