Monday, September 26, 2011

The Hammer Falls... Wiz Out Eight Games

It is what it is.

James Wisniewski will sit for the first eight games of the regular season, after delivering an illegal check to the head of Cal Clutterbuck last Friday after time expired in regulation. The fact that time expired was a big factor in Brendan Shanahan's decision, along with his prior suspension history. His video explanation is on now.

Obviously, fans and the league alike want a better game... a game were no one has to worry about someone getting an extended leave of absence (or worse) because another guy delivers an illegal check, or puts him face first into the boards, or the ice.

And obviously, there is a big part of us that wants the offenders to suffer the consequences when they do what they do.

It sucks when the offender is one of your own.

But, it is what it is.

The ice-level video (kudos to Matt Wagner and the guys at The Cannon for tracking that elusive footage down) didn't give us a whole lot to go on. Clutterbuck's hit on Tyutin wasn't exactly a blindside attack... a little high, maybe.

However, I think it's safe to say we can also call bull$#!+ on the Minnesota reporter who claimed Wisniewski chased Clutterbuck around for several seconds before the hit.

However, the hit happened. There's no denying it... and Shanahan had better video to work with, too. However one might feel about Clutterbuck, Wisniewski make a mistake, and he'll pay for it. His intentions may not have necessarily been malicious (obviously Shanny disagrees) but his actions were foolish, and they were reckless.

Like I said... it sucks when it's one of your guys.

But... it is what it is. The Jackets will hopefully have the full lineup of skaters on the ice by October 25, when he can rejoin the team to meet the Red Wings at Nationwide. That is sure as hell a good time to have him back, but losing him for most of October is very, very bad news nonetheless.

They have to move forward without Wiz until then.

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