Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A "Pre-Welcome Back"...

It was a long wait for two cities this evening... but considerably longer for one of them.

The good news is, the home team in Columbus won to open the preseason.

The bad news... so did the home team in Winnipeg.

Does it mean anything? Perhaps not a whole in the so-called "grand scheme of things." They're technically just preseason games, after all.

What is important, however, is that those who braved the rain to get to Nationwide Arena Tuesday evening got their first hockey fix in Columbus in five months. They saw a nice win, too, to the tune of 5-1. I caught some of it online, and a chunk of both on the radio. Good to hear George Matthews screaming "SCOOOOORES!" so often after a long break, that's for sure.

And fans in Winnipeg piled into the MTS Centre to get their first NHL hockey fix in 15 years. They also saw a win, a rather nasty 6-1 blowout.

Tuesday night was an oddity, in that it featured a pair of split-squad games. But hey... why not? How many people get to listen to their team play twice in the same night? If you think about it, it's a pretty cool way to open your hockey season. And that's just in Columbus.

Imagine how stoked they are in Winnipeg.

Sure, it would have been nice for Columbus to take both games, but hey... it's preseason. Our guys get another shot at them in the regular season, on November 12 at Nationwide. And that one's for points.

It has been a long wait, Winnipeg. Welcome back.

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