Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Wonderful, Chilly September Morning...

It was a morning like any other, really. I turned off the alarm clock, looked at the time, and realized I hit the snooz-bar about three or four times.

Yep. That sounded about right.

Oh wait... it was Saturday. Why the hell am I even setting an alarm on Saturday?!?!?

Oh yeah... it's the first day of Training Camp at the Ice Haus.

Out of bed, slap on a shirt, walk the dogs, wake Mrs. Martini, and get our hockey-loving selves down to The District.

Love the smell of fresh ice in the morning...
Sure enough, just in time for training camp, the Tim Horton's that took over the Cotter's space is open. As much as I hate to lose a watering hole in the Arena District... nothing hits the spot like a coffee and one of these.

The Stinger Donut from Tim Horton's.. the Breakfast of (Fans of) Champions

Sure enough, Mrs. Martini and I walked into a nice, crowded Haus, got our free Training Camp shirts, checked out some of the new CBJ swag (and made a mental checklist for later), and hit the rink. It was nice and chilly inside... the very environment we as fans have been waiting to experience again since April...

... a wait that was far to long to see our team on the ice.

Familiar guys. Nash. Boll. Clitsome. New guys. Carter. Dekanich. Guys looking to make good impressions. Prout. York.

Guys ready to get out there and play some hockey. And fans who are ready to watch.

It has been a long wait... and it's almost over. Time to bust out the hockey sweaters and wear them regardless of whether people think we're crazy. Time to go watch practices. Time to buy tickets.

It's time for hockey again, people.

Game on. Go Jackets!

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