Thursday, October 13, 2011

Avs at CBJ: Almost...

Soooo... how'd the Columbus Blue Jackets do last night? Well, from the sound of things (no TV, after all)… they at least took a step. In fact, they almost took a win against the Colorado Avalanche.

If not for a shot from former Jacket Jan Hejda, deflected past Steve Mason by Gabriel Landeskog, the Jackets would have come away with two points instead of one.

However, the point is a point. They all count. Obviously, the Jackets need to snap out of their funk and get more of them. Getting outshot 16-1 in the third period is not how you get two points. Those last-minute goals – like the aforementioned by Landeskog – may not be killers by themselves, but they can certainly set you up for one.

Still, from the sound of it, Mason was a freaking wall in that third, before the freak goal. Again... the guy needs help from the guys in front of him. There's no way a team should be outshot by such a margin.

Anyway, after watching the highlights on, I can say it was nice to see Rick Nash score one of those "Dammit, I WILL make this puck go in" kind of goals in the second period ("going right to left on your radio dial," as the great George Matthews says), and that goal from Martinek from the wall was just fun to watch go in.

Still, 0-3-1 isn't pretty. That "1" may be a sign of getting it together, though (late goal notwithstanding). I do think it will behoove the team to take advantage of that second day between games -- maybe experiment with the lines, drill a bit harder, get a good yelling-at or two from Coach Arniel....

"Duh" Statement of the Day: These next two games against Dallas are going to be critical. You know that "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging" thing? It's a lot like that.

This team has to make people want to come down to Nationwide. Last night's crowd dipped below 9,000, the lowest attendance in franchise history... which also means the Jackets drew more on Opening Night than they have in the other two home games.


Time to turn it around, guys.

Go Jackets!

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