Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Blue Jackets" Are A Seven- (Oops... Eight-) Letter Word...

The next few sentences are going to hurt like hell, but I'm going to say it anyway, because they are 100% true.

These Columbus Blue Jackets are one godawful hockey team. Just how godawful? So godawful that they gave up the game-tying and game-winning goals in the last minute?

No... even more godawful than that.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are so godawful that they gave up the game-tying and game-winning goals in the last minute to a team that by every conceivable standard is likely MORE godawful than they are.

Never mind the great goal that Aaron Johnson scored in the first to tie the game at 1-1... when he patiently stood on the opposite side of the crease and knocked in the loose puck as he was being tackled.

Never mind the gorgeous go-ahead goal by Rick Nash in the third as he wristed it past Craig Anderson.

No one remembers those goals after a game like this. They remember two red sweaters camped out by Steve Mason, waiting for (and getting) the rebound with 36 seconds to go.

They remember another red sweater camped out in front of Steve Mason getting a deflection with less than five seconds remaining.

They remember blowing a game in the last minute to team that will be in Playoff contention no later than January... even in the Eastern Conference.

Oh... and up next is Detroit again. Oh, joy. On a school night, too.

So the 8,000 or so seats Columbus fans didn't buy early enough will be taken up by actual Detroit fans making the trip... plus the local/regional WalMart WingNuts who don't know their ass from their Abdelkader.

But... at least the James Wisniewski suspension is officially over.

One careless elbow. One Academy Award-winning flop.

Eight games. 0-6-2.

Oh, right... 0-7-1... I wanted that OT point so bad.

[edit... damn, that's sad]

So much for the rest of the team stepping up.

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  1. 0-6-2, 0-7-1, what's the difference when both add up to 8 losses?

  2. Isn't "godawful" 8 letters? :)

  3. Just making sure you're paying atten-- okay, you know what... I'm not even gonna dance around that. That's hilarious. And here comes another edit... LMAO