Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching Up...

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by. I had a bit of an unexpected hiatus, which was actually preceded by a vacation, and a "hockey-free holiday" of sorts for the Mrs. It was her birthday this week, and so it seemed appropriate that I eschew all things hockey for the length of our stay in beautiful New Orleans. (Which was, indeed, quite beautiful this time of year, and one hell of a good time).

Then, I got sick. Originally, I thought, from food poisoning. Needless to say, illness can really put a kibbosh on any sort of vacation-type proceedings. I did make the point of getting checked out once we got home this week, just to make sure it wasn't something much more serious. Thankfully, it wasn't… however, it was viral.

Largely, my last few days have consisted of sleep, try to eat, work (some doctors' orders, sorry, have to be ignored), go home, sleep, try to eat, etc.

Me? Too sick to provide opinionated, snarky and sometimes downright mean hockey commentary?

Hey, sometimes, we still learn a lot about ourselves.

So, everybody... again, thanks for stopping by! What did I mi--

Oh. That much, huh?

Atkinson and Calvert demoted... Carter hurt... even the third-string goalie is injured, meaning a struggling Steve Mason is carrying the entire load... and we're still waiting on other guys to come back.

Oh. And we're still two more games away from seeing if James Wisniewski will be part of the miraculous recovery (or, at least, the stopping of the bleeding) that this team so desperately needs.

So, the Jackets take their battered and bruised, 0-5-1 egos into Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, in what most will dismiss in a "lambs to slaughter" fashion before the game even starts.

Or... this weekend's road trip to Hell and Ottawa is the beginning of the Jackets' "I'm not dead yet!" rally back upward in the Western Conference standings.

Sure, Detroit is 4-0-0, and they are contenders as usual. Yes, the game is in the Joe, which holds even more Wings fans than Nationwide does (and heaven knows, Nationwide holds a LOT of WalMart WingNuts).

But we can also look at the positives... the Blue Jackets have scored a power play goal in two straight games! Plus... ...well, maybe that's the only positive the Jackets have coming into this game.

It's a start. Maybe tonight will be, too.

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