Friday, October 28, 2011

CBJ at Buffalo: Painful Regression

Sometimes... there are no words.

At least, none that can be said within earshot of children.

I know a couple people who probably need to get a sitter for their kids when they watch the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. At home. And that was when Jim Tressel was coach and the Buckeyes were winning.

I pray that when that time comes... I don't have to send my children elsewhere while I watch the Columbus Blue Jackets. Then again, maybe they'll figure out how to win consecutive games by then.

This team beat the Detroit freakin' Red Wings two nights ago (yes, the second-rate backup was starting, but they beat the rest of the team, too). Hell, they even battled back from down 2-0 to tie up this game.

Overall, though, they just... seemed to regress back to the team that started the season 0-7-1. Defensive breakdowns. Big rebounds that left Steve Mason vulnerable. Again. It wasn't for a lack of effort, and it wasn't for a lack of offensive opportunities... hell, the Jackets put 43 shots on net. The defense reverted back to pre-Tuesday levels, though. And the PK... cripe, how many power play goals have the Jackets given up in the last few road games now? I'm trying to block out those first eight games, so I'm not looking it up... but they gave up two tonight. In what, three tries?

The power play regressed to 0-for-6, snapping the five-game streak with a power play goal.

Man, this Arniel system of aggressive, attacking hockey sounded so exciting when the team hired him. I can understand the Jackets didn't have the personnel to pull it off last year. This year, there's no excuse. Sure there are a few guys out, but we still have yet to hear from certain guys on the team who are part of that "core."

Guys who signed lucrative extensions.

Guys who are here another four or five years, as the Jackets' payroll sits within a million or two bucks of the Salary Cap.

This team can NOT be this bad.

Not with a back-to-back against Chicago and Anaheim this weekend.


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