Sunday, October 9, 2011

CBJ vs. Minnesota: Rough Weekend

To say "disappointing" would be an understatement.

Despite what we would hope is their best effort, the Columbus Blue Jackets fell behind by three goals and just never caught up against the Minnesota Wild.

Power play? Nope, still ineffective.

Top line? Ineffective.

Penalty kill? Not particularly great.

Were the four goals against completely Steve Mason's fault? Not really, but it's not unrealistic to expect your last line of defense to be better on the ice. The great goaltenders do... and we have seen Steve Mason be great, so it's not a question of ability.

I don't know about you, but I'm not sure what's worse... being able to very clearly hear the "Maaaaason... you suck!" chant from a small throng of away fans from the opposite corner, or being able to hear it on the telecast during a road game. It's pretty freakin' awful in both cases.

However, blame where it's due... the whole team in front of him has not looked good. A team whose payroll has eclipsed $60 million over the summer has not played 60 minutes of hockey. The Jackets have not necessarily lost to two teams that were better than them... they have simply played better.

Although my wording last night that Mason should have the night off to be locked in a room and mildly tortured were a bit strong (and I am backing off of that... *wink*), I do think it may be a good time for the Jackets to rest Mason and Curtis Sanford on Monday.

Apparently, there will be a hearing for Pierre-Marc Bouchard with the NHL today, to discuss his whack of the stick to Matt Calvert's face, according to Aaron Portzline at the Dispatch. I'm not sure what to think, as far as what will happen. There are doubts as to whether Calvert unintentionally caused the incident in the process of lifting his stick. It's not that clear from the angles provided that Calvert lifted Bouchard's stick into his own face. I'm guessing that somehow Brendan Shanahan will have some angle that will determine whether Calvert's and Bouchard's sticks just got tangled up during the faceoff.

Guess we'll find out later today....

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1 comment:

  1. Sanford will get hung out to dry just as bad as Mason did. With the soundbites from guys like Dorsett fully owning up to doing so, I am solidifying my opinion that Mason can really only be directly faulted for one of the goals scored on him this year. All others would have sent people flying off their chairs claiming save of the week.

    He just needs support. And I hope the boys can stop blowing assignments so he can build some momentum.