Friday, November 11, 2011

Nope... Apparently That Wasn't Rock Bottom Before...

Maybe this is rock bottom...?

Or... maybe we're just in Hell.

It seemed like there was some hope... some fight... when Grant Clitsome scored a power play goal to tie it up, not even three minutes after Chicago opened up the scoring.

Okay, just a small hiccup... our guys might be getting back on track.

Yeah... about that....

...about those five straight goals the Blackhawks scored after that... against a number one goaltender who's playing like a number four -- and whom is backed up by the number four, because numbers two and three have been out with injuries. Thus, Steve Mason is left in to get his ass handed to him again. And embarassingly so.

I think the dude's broken. You can't have a guy shoulder the goaltending load like that, watch him get clobbered every damn night and expect him to be able to recover. The guy has no confidence in the team in front of him, and seems to have none in himself, as well (rightfully so, in both cases).

That doesn't mean the team in front of Mason isn't playing like $#!+, though. Believe me, no one is escaping that fact tonight. When a pseudo-player like Danny Carcillo is getting credited with a "heads up play" on an assist on Patrick Kane's goal... your team is NOT playing well.

Still, although they were easily overshadowed (read: trounced) by the plethora of bad news during the game, there were a couple positives that we can reflect on before ordering another round to numb the pain... the Jackets' power play wasn't horrible. They got two power play goals. Mark Letestu showed that Howson seemed to make a right move bringing him aboard.

Apparently, "moves" might be a theme in the coming days... whether those will be positive in the short or long term (or any term, for that matter) is not yet certain.

Stay strong, D....

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