Monday, November 7, 2011

Okay, This Is Rock Bottom... Right?

There are no words for what happened to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night.

No good ones having more than four letters, anyway.

The Jackets' 11th loss was particularly ugly.

Five goals given up in the first period. Three by Mason, then two by York, before coach Arniel put Mason back in. The second period got no better, and the Flyers opened up and 8-0 lead. And yet, could have been so much worse, if not for the third-period heroics of Derek Dorsett and Grant Clitsome.

It's this long to write a post, because of the severe nature of the ass-kicking the Jackets took. A seven-goal margin is ugly anyway you slice it -- unless, of course you are Boston, who beat six kinds of hell (well, seven, I guess) out of Toronto the same night.

Man, I really need to get my cable changed. I really wish I could have flipped to that game on occasion. Not that the Bruins are off so much better start in Columbus. Well, actually they are...but like Columbus, they have spent the first few weeks of the season in 15th in their conference. But at least the Bruins seems to be making progress. It's hard to be sure the Blue Jackets have even been trying at times. Sure, Philly is good. Stanley Cup good? Probably not this year, but they are damn good.

So, at a very ugly nine games under .500, Columbus goes into a three-game homestand really needing to climb out of the hole they have dug. Time is running out . They need to get some key bodies back, and maybe we'll figure out if this Blue Jackets roster can actually win, or if the front office needs to show Scott Arniel the door.

Even with this godawful start, I am not on board with getting rid of Arniel. Like I said before... I've given up trying to defend him, but that's way different from actually advocating his departure.

However, if you recall, I said my goodbyes the last time I posted. If this team pulls off a miracle on ice and proves me wrong, so be it. I will gladly eat my words if and when this team gets it together.

The only reason Arniel still has job is the fact that this team was built in the offseason to be able to play the quick, up-tempo style that Arniel said he wanted to bring to Columbus. Technically, we still haven't even seen that team play together yet. However, with the Dispatch now I'm recording that Jared Boll and possibly even Jeff Carter could be ready by Thursday, this team's a lot closer to intact.

And that means it just has to get better, and climb out of this 2-11-1 hole… the team is officially out of explanations for the Blue Jackets' failure on the ice.

The big question is, how long does the front office give this team to turn it all around, before heads roll?

It's all about the climb now... or else.

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