Friday, November 11, 2011

Shake Up... (Or Shake Out, I Guess)

Somewhere in Southwest Ohio, my esteemed colleague Dannielle is destroying glassware. This is just a wild guess on my part.

However, the artist we in the hockey world know as @FrickinDannie (also by her blog, StraitJackets) has had a rough day. After writing an open letter to the team today preceding Thursday night's sick loss to Chicago, Dannie lost one of her favorite twins.

No, the Sedin girls are stil in Vancouver.

Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson pulled the trigger on a trade that... well... actually, I'm not sure what the hell it does.

Kris Russell for Nikita Nikitin. Ummmmm... okay. Let's look at the "tale of the tape" (per their "Player Cards" on

Russell                                  Nikitin   5’10”             Height              6’3”
    172              Weight              217
   2-1-3    G-A-P (2011-12)     0-0-0
     12       Games (2011-12)        7
     -1                  +/-                    -5
18-61-79   G-A-P (Career)      1-8-9
    288        Games (Career)      48

So, yes, the Jackets give up a little salary. They're getting some size, but this doesn't help scoring. They're giving up some experience.

Does it actually help? Hell if I know. From the looks of it, he'll have a chance to prove himself here. We'll find out.

Rumors also circulated about the Jackets trading for Evgeni Nabokov... so far, that is thankfully not true. Hell, people thought he was uncooperative at the prospect of playing for the Isles? Think his attitude would be any better in Columbus? Does Columbus need that?

I don't think so, either.

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  1. If Russell is 5'10", I'm 7 feet tall (hint: I'm not).

  2. Oh, c'mon... you know the Media Guide lies a little bit. I was 6'0" in our high school basketball program. (Hint: I'm also not