Friday, December 9, 2011

A Point Wasted...

It's enough to make one sick, really.

I mean, I have a strong stomach, but the collapse in that we witnessed by the Columbus Blue Jackets against the Nashville Predators was as epic in its illness-inducement, as it was in its sheer speed and severity.

The Jackets let the Predators threaten in the last couple minutes of the first period, but Curtis Sanford managed to keep the Preds out of the net, despite the increased pressure.

Still, even then, it seemed like the Jackets would be okay. Jeff Carter had scored a phantom goal that nobody saw until the War Room in Toronto took a look at it during a stoppage in play.

Yes! Really! The freakin' BLUE JACKETS got a phantom goal! AND the War Room got it right!

But I digress....

The backhand shot that Antoine Vermette roofed over Pekka Rinne kept the good feeling up for a while, even after Mr. Carrie Underwood cut the lead to 2-1 not two-and-a-half minutes later.

Even Derek Dorsett continued his insane, increased contributions to the CBJ, with his wrister past Pekka Rinne at 1:24 of the third period.

Then the Preds pulled their goaltender.

Like any Jackets fan... I'm sensing blood in the water. My next Tweet said it all:

[NOTE TO SELF: Next time you tell your team to put that "last nail in the coffin"... it's a good idea to specify WHICH coffin.]

One goal off a rebound, one shitty penalty (hey... Arniel said it) and one power play goal later... bam. The Blue Jackets had blown a lead and had OT forced on them... for a second straight game. Exactly the thing I'd discussed earlier this week.

The rest is history. Sick... infuriating... profanity-laced history.

Vermette's backhander. Wasted.

Dorsett's sweet cruise through the slot for a goal. Wasted.

A phantom goal from the blithering idiots in the War Room... who routinely BLOW such a call. Wasted.

That all-important second point.


And it has to stop....


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