Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All Star Celebration

Allowing three goals on 21 shots. That's not great. Sometimes you can get away with that in one game. But when you consider that that was in one period... well, that's pretty bad.

Then again, you can't blame everything on Tim Thomas in this case. The defense in front of him was pretty terrible. Awful, in fact.

Then again, this is what makes hockey fans thankful for things like offense. For instance, an offense that will put up six goals in one. Makes horrible defense and un-Thomas-like goal tending almost forgivable.

Then again, when you consider that it's an All-Star game... eh, what are you going to do. You can get the best defenseman and goaltenders in the world, and this is the one day out of the year they're going to get lit up anyway.

The team I was rooting for won, but in the grand scheme of things... even that doesn't matter, because quite frankly, this All Star Game was eclipsed before it even began.

Not by the fact that the Blue Jackets didn't have any representation except in the skills competition... not by the team's horrid season thus far... but by the fact that Columbus will be the very stage for this very spectacle a year from now.


Although I spent a couple days off the grid this weekend, I was rather stoked walk by newspaper rack and find on the front page of the Dispatch, just above the fold, quite possibly the best news I have seen on the front page has a hockey fan since the NHL announced that Columbus was getting a team in 1997.

That's not to say, of course, that the Blue Jackets don't make good news on the front page. I'm only saying, in this day and age... well, when was the last time you physically picked up a newspaper?

I will tell you the giddiness is quite similar to that day back in 1997, though.

Don't get me wrong. The Draft was pretty exciting, and I enjoyed attending. However, this is the league-wide event I've been looking so forward to see come to Columbus since we got our hockey team.

Obviously, the Stanley Cup Final would be nice... but that's still a couple years away.

Hey I know there are quite a few who see Saturday's announcement as a bright spot in an otherwise dismal year, and there at least a few others who just don't care. And I can understand both viewpoints. Obviously, the Blue Jackets have not done well this year. The team faces anything ranging from a couple tweaks (less likely) to another large-scale rebuild before the 2012-13 season (probably more likely).

And we haven't even talked about collective-bargaining yet, and we know from experience how that can screw everything up.

Okay, however, I have long been of the opinion that at all Star game here in Columbus was overdue. True, I may be more than just a little bit biased.

However, I think the NHL realizes that we have a great building here, we in Columbus know what a great city we have... and I like to think that fans who have visited would agree. Our city has a lot of great culinary, artistic and cultural attractions that visitors from all over the league can enjoy.

And, hey... we've done a Draft here. We're pretty good in the spotlight.

But if you're reading this in Ohio, you already know this. If you're reading somewhere else... well, we'll see you in a year when you come see for yourself.

However, there's a lot of hockey to be played, and for us to watch before then. All in due time.

Go Jackets!

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