Friday, January 20, 2012

The Big Zero...

Well... as hellacious as this season has been, the Blue Jackets can take solace in the fact that at least they haven't been shut out ye-- DAMMIT!!!

And so it goes. Four-game homestand -- the only home games of the month... split 2-2. The last home game for nearly three weeks... a 3-0 shutout against probably the second-most hated Central Division rival.

I suppose it would be easy to blame Steve Mason. Heaven knows he seems to get the blame for everything else in Columbus, from bad traffic to a bad pour at a corner pub. But the fact is, this team just does not play well in front of him for some reason.

First goal... awful turnover, beautifully-threaded, split-second pass through the slot in traffic. Martin Erat goal.

Second goal... Erat sends a puck into traffic -- hell, Marc Methot looked like he even flinched as he took his eyes off the play -- as Mr. Carrie Underwood was one of TWO Preds camped out by Mason behind the Jackets' defense.

Wait a minute... where the hell was Mason on that THIRD GOA-- oh, right... pulled for the extra attacker.

Slightly related question... can someone explain to me why an official was just STANDING THERE like a drunken fraternity pledge, a foot away from Nick Spaling on top of Antoine Vermette? That goes beyond mugging or wrestling... that's borderline Roethlisberger territory, people. Sure, a 2-0 loss is no better than a 3-0 loss, but for Gretzsakes, blow the freakin' whistle.

Or at least tell Spaling to buy him a drink first.

  • Apparently, Fisher's goal was his fourth against the Jackets this year. I swear, between his trade to Nashville, and his wife's crime-against-music cover of "Home Sweet Home," Carrie Underwood has viciously offended me twice, in two institutions I hold very sacred.
  • Dear Jeff and Bill: I know the deal, guys... Barry Trotz is a good coach. He's the only coach in the Preds' 13 seasons. He has done great things with this team. It's a very good team. Yes, our team isn't playing very well. Could you please praise the opponents' players/coach/ conditioning/dental work less often? We can see how good they are! Okay? Thanks.
  • Sick of Dispatch writers always tweeting negative statistics associated with the CBJ? I have just the antidote! The Columbus Blue Jackets had scored in 47 straight games!
A tad snarkier than usual, I suppose, but a great Canadian band called The Pursuit Of Happiness once said: "You got to laugh to prevent yourself from cryin'..."

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  1. Ha,ha,ha. I was/am totally on the same page. As you, but I had the good sense to stay away from a keyboard last night. What?? You're bitter Scott?? I'm an effing season ticket holder and I have to live through the white hot mess you left behind! You wanna talk bitter?!?

    So, yeah, I hear where you are coming from!

  2. Perhaps the Jackets do play differently in front of Sanford? Just maybe they are more confident and, yes, somewhat more relaxed. Mason is no doubt going through a tough spell, but the lesson Sanford brings to the table is his commitment to his team, and, yes, his own game. This guy has toiled and been written-off throughout his career, yet remains determined, focused and willing to put it all on the line and chase whatever opportunity comes his way. As talented as Mason? Nope. More determined than Mason? Yep!

    Think about it.

  3. So, Gallos, are you saying I DON'T have the good sense to stay off the keyboard?!?!?

    Eh, you're probably right. LOL

  4. Anon: Yeah, I wish there was an easy analysis of that. I recall back in the expansion days, it never seemed like the CBJ played as well in front of Denis back when Tugnutt was the starter... and still never seemed to establish that comfort level when Denis became the starter.

    The worst part is that we had hoped to get answers in goal this year, and now we've just wound up with more questions. And "When the hell is Mark Dekanich gonna put on a sweater already?" wasn't supposed ot be one of them.

    Thanks for reading!