Friday, January 6, 2012

Goaltending... Defense... Just Not Enough "O"

Rough night in San Jose.

Just... harsh.

The Columbus Blue Jackets played a hard game in the Shark Tank. Curtis Sanford had his first start since December 22, and played one hell of a game, even when the team in front of him wasn't at its sharpest. He finished with 37 saves.

The defense, however, was also brilliant at times. The flurry at the end to keep the puck alive in the Sharks' zone as time was winding down, was the kind of aggressive, driven hockey that CBJ fans have needed to see all season.

Still... it's really hard to get something going when you have to kill off penalties, while not getting any power plays for yourself. But... that's the kind of game it was. You play hard, and sometimes you don't get the rewards from it.

Sometimes you lose more. Coach Arniel revealed that Mark Letestu broke his hand after a hit by Douglas Murray.

Then there is the issue of the boarding call on Derek Dorsett that could get a look from Headmaster Shanahan. No need to analyze it, really... last time I got all worried about one of those, nothing happened, so... I'm not going to panic now.

Shanny's analyses seem like coin flips lately, anyway.

Still, we could be looking at some young guys getting called up and pressed into action at a very "do or die" juncture of the season. A juncture that could mathematically eliminate the Jackets sooner rather than later, if things don't change. And frankly, that may not even be enough.

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