Thursday, January 5, 2012

Karma to Carcillo: GOTCHA!

This, of course, should come as a surprise to no one.

It was only a matter time before Danny Carcillo's trademark, cheap-shot style would land him in big trouble.

Now, I never imagined this much trouble... seems the seven-game suspension is the least of his worries.

I don't know whether the self-proclaimed "Car Bomb" just can't stop, doesn't care or maybe he would just soil himself at the thought of actually facing a guy in the process of hitting him.

However, whatever the reason was for Carcillo sending Edmonton's Tom Gilbert flying awkwardly into the boards (from behind, no surprise)… it's a good bet (and, honestly, a relief) that it's the last we've seen of him for a considerable amount to time.

And that's just the wait for him his clumsy ass to get off the injured list.

Seems that immediately after the cheap shot, Gilbert fell awkwardly onto Carcillo's foot or something, and he may need season-ending knee surgery. It did look like his leg buckled in a direction it was not supposed to go, and he fell to the ice before Gilbert's linemates could get there and beat six kinds of hell out of him.

It seems odd, really, to see Karma work so quickly... it has certainly spared Todd Bertuzzi all these years.

Oh, well... guess it's best not to over-analyze it. I suppose what matters is that Danny Boy will be off the ice for a while, where he can't cause anyone (including himself) any further harm.

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