Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Just Shut Up And Play (or Watch) Hockey

Tim Thomas. Stanley Cup Champion. Conn Smythe Trophy winner. Top goaltender. All Star Game starter.

Rude ass.

Heaven knows we're subjected enough to celebrities and people of perceived power wearing their politics on their sleeves, telling us how to vote, hanging out with dictators in foreign nations and so forth. We certainly don't need athletes jumping into the fray.

But, it is what it is. Thomas, despite being one of the very few Americans on the Boston Bruins roster, declined to go to the White House... citing, essentially, his disagreement with how the nation is run. No need to go into details of the statement here, except that it's grandiose, a little preachy and contained a significant amount of unneeded capitalization.

No word as to whether the original version was in Comic Sans.

Do I agree with his stance? No. I think if you get an invitation to the White House, you should probably swing by, have a drink, take a couple photos and shake a couple hands. I think a person would have to feel pretty strongly about something going on in the White House, in order to decline an invitation.

And apparently, that's the case. As Thomas points out in his statement (redundant caps and all) he's a "Free Citizen" making a decision "as an INDIVIDUAL."

Pardon the cliche... but while there are a few I's in "INDIVIDUAL," there is still no I in "team."

What Thomas did was very self-centered, and he made it worse by putting out a statement and taking the focus away from an otherwise great day for his team. It was incredibly pompous, it was selfish and it makes him look like an ass. It puts a bad spotlight on himself, his team and the sport.

You know what, though? It could be so much worse. Tim Thomas disagrees how the President of the United States and Washington run this country. He didn't punch a cab driver. He didn't drive drunk. He didn't get in a fight with his wife and go to jail. He didn't say anything disparaging about an ex.

Tim Thomas spoke his mind.

Athletes have done it before. Whether we like it or not, someone will probably do it again.

It's not that big a deal. Life is too short to spend time chastising athletes over their politics... or athletes talking about them to begin with. It's a presidential election year... believe me, there will be enough B.S. to go around, without wasting any more time on this.

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  1. Talk about preachy, get over your self.

  2. He acted like an ass, but it could have been worse... that didn't strike me as "preachy," really. Well, maybe a sentence or two.

    Trust me... you haven't seen me when I'm REALLY preachy. Unless you search for Matt Cooke.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I appreciate the feedback.