Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What It Means To Prey

I swear... if I have to see another Nashville sweater this year, it will be waaaaaayyyyyy too soon.

What? The season series is over?

Well, there's a small victory.

1-4-1 against Nashville this year. What the hell is that about.

For the fifth time of the six-game series, the Predators made the Blue Jackets look like an AHL team. They had their way with defensive lapses, turnovers and big rebounds. Again... they just did everything better.

Sadly, Monday night's thorough ass-kicking by the Preds wasn't even the worst loss of the series.

It certainly had all the annoying elements we were used to seeing this year. Two goals by Mike Fisher, a couple assists from Martin Erat, a deflection here, a crazy shot that somehow got past three or four defenders as well as the goaltender...

...just painful.

And so, tonight, the Blue Jackets get one last shot for a win before stumbling into the All-Star Break in which they have absolutely no involvement.

Oh. Except for Ryan Johansen in the Skills Competition. Rick Nash couldn't even get a token spot on the roster this year.

A shame, because he's obviously a good player. The goal he got last night was a thing of beauty... and really the only bright spot of the night.

A bright spot that could use some momentum with a good performance tonight against Tampa Bay... or at least a bad night by Tampa.

Hey, this is no time to be picky....

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