Sunday, February 19, 2012

As Uninspired As It Gets...

Beer, beer, everywhere.

You know how you sit in a bar for a while, and bartenders make their rounds, pick up cans and bottles, give them a little shake just to see if you're empty? You know... you have to keep the bar neat and so forth.

Well, buy some twist of fate... as Mrs. Martini I were sitting at the R Bar watching the closing moments of Saturday's 6-1 ass-kicking at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks, our bartender apparently gave my tall Molson Canadian a little squeeze.

Seeing as I had not yet poured any beer out of this can… Suddenly, this small geyser of beer comes gushing out of the top and splashing on the bar.

Suddenly, after I had stopped laughing hysterically, and high-fived our bartender... it hit me.

Aside from the Derick Brassard goal that opened the scoring, this incident was the best highlight of this Blue Jackets game.

Brass' goal was no slouch. It was a beauty, actually, after he stole a pass and slapped the puck past Corey Crawford.

Derek Dorsett provided the only other really inspired moment of the day when he picked a fight with John Scott. Come on... the height/weight differential? That's at least an Olsen Twin.

He got his ass handed to him, but had the rest of the team played that inspired... well.... I need say no more.

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