Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine (Of Sorts) For Hockey Widows (Part II)

I try to avoid doing sequel posts. Much like their movie counterparts, there's always the risk that a sequel post is not going to be nearly as good or entertaining as the original.

However, as a writer I tend to think that common themes are okay... plus it's a special occasion, so what the hell, right?

Happy Pink Puck Day to my widow, and all the hockey widows and widowers out there. Once again, we the fans are hopefully paying some kind of tribute to you and your never-ending patience with our sport and the myriad of shenanigans that go with it.

Again, I turn my focus to my own Mrs. Martini. After all, she endured what was probably the longest year and the shortest off-season in 10 years.

Ten years ago was the last time the Mrs. had had to suffer through My "holy-crap-I can't-miss-a-single-playoff-game" demeanor.

However, since she was in the process of moving up to Columbus after finishing grad school, she was appropriately tired... and very much asleep when I was failing to contain my excitement that Raymond Bourque was hoisting the Stanley Cup for the first time in his 22-year career. She was completely oblivious to my gentle nudges of "holy $#!+, honey, you got to watch this, this is awesome!"

Then, of course 1 AM came around, and I had to make myself somewhat presentable, kiss her good night, and go to work.

Ten years later, after suffering through the bad taste in my mouth from the Boston Bruins' early exit from the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs, I dragged her through the grueling playoff run that culminated in the Bruins' first Cup in 39 years.

Now, of course, she was a good sport about it. And for the record, I did have to deal with some consequences -- first, her  developing a girl crush on a certain well-spoken goaltender, and then her blatant violation of the dress code at CannonFest.

Beyond that, our hometown team has seen much better years. In fact, last Valentine's Day fell in the middle of what was probably the only semblance of positive momentum the Columbus Blue Jackets have experienced over the last 12 months. It was a couple weeks before the Trade Deadline, and the Jackets had persevered through another rough December and January and managed to get themselves within a reasonable distance of the Playoff line. Then, as we well know, the wheels fell off.

This season, even after offseason upgrades, it is difficult to even claim that the wheels were even put back on. The Blue Jackets have been mathematically out of the playoffs for about a week and a half. And after all that… I still continue to watch Blue Jackets games.…

…and Mrs. Martini continues to let me live.

In honor of this act of generosity -- and in protest of  the additional fact that an unexpected glitch in her schedule has her working tonight and scuttled our original plans for Valentine's Day -- I will be foregoing this evening's hockey game. Sure, I may tape it... maybe do a writeup later... but I will not be obsessing about the game or rocking my acidic wit and/or alleged wisdom on Twitter tonight.

Well... except to promote this post (heh-heh).

I am going off the grid, and I'm taking Mrs. Martini with me when she's off work.

That said... have a great night. Be sure to do something really awesome for the loved ones who don't choke the hell out of you because of the sport we love.

Thanks for reading. I gotta go pick out a bottle of wine.

Happy Pink Puck Day. Go Jackets!

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for a wonderful evening!
    We actually had.... *GASP*...conversation
    I didn't even realize there was a game until the morning of the 15th when my Martini Man mentioned, "And I think the Jackets won..."
    Then it dawned on me. Four hours without mention of any sports. At ALL.

    Most of the conversation revolved around music, particularly SpeakerBox's "Happy Valen-tines Day" song (every day's the 14th). I can't remember what else - must have been totally inconsequential. But beautiful in every way.

    To be fair, and especially since I ended up working even later, we took the Mr. Martini to Van HalenTines Karaoke at a fun little place called the Shrunken Head. My Martini man rocked the house, AND he's well-spoken ;)

    Nothing fancy this year..... and it was the best of all.

    I'll google the Jackets tonight and find a question to ask you about later.

    Love you