Monday, March 12, 2012

Group Therapy

The St. Louis Blues are evil. We've known this for pretty much our entire hockey team's existence. However, this year they have been particularly evil.

I came to this tongue-in-cheek conclusion Saturday night at the CBJ Tweetup Drinkup in Grandview.

While I'm sure the event itself was not planned because of the weekend's home-and-home with the Blues... it was strangely appropriate. After all, the rise of the Blues pretty much started with an event that came very much as the Columbus Blue Jackets' expense: The hiring of Ken Hitchcock. The Blues are 39-11-7 since then. The Blue Jackets are... well, that's not important.

But we all knew that going in.

The CBJ Tweetup Drinkup was about celebration. Sure, the team isn't doing so hot, but hey... we all still love hockey, right? Of course we do. So, when there's a watch party and an opportunity to spend time in good company with other Blue Jackets fans, you jump all over that... how long do you get to see all these great people in one room? It's not like we all get to sit in the same section at games.

That is a hell of an idea, though. But I digress.

Although, the game didn't exactly go the Jackets' way -- it pretty much went to hell in the third, in fact -- there was still a packed (and very loud) room of Blue Jackets fans cheering very loudly for the Jackets... with the exception of a couple poor souls in our midst, who lost a bet to a fellow Central Division fan from St. Louis. These men of great moral character honored the unfortunate consequences of this bet, having to wear T.J. Oshie shirts for the game.
This. Is. So. Wrong.
I am concealing their identities, because they have obviously been traumatized enough. However, kudos to one gentleman for his innovative modification:
This, I can live with...
Oshie... why did it have to be Oshie?!?!?

For the record, Starla did assure me that she at least tried to get Kris Russell T-shirts for the guys. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

However, when the devil himself scored late in the second -- part of the Blues' three unanswered goals to pull away -- well... that was just brutal.

There was a baby there. One of the chillest, most well-behaved babies I've encountered in recent memory, too. Pretty sure I heard the first cry out of him after that goal.

Well, it might have been in the third. Might have even been after the game. I'm still blaming it on Oshie and/or the Blues. Because I can.

Because it illustrates the second most important point of my story. The Blues bring about sin and vice, lead good people into bad gambles, steal coaches and, last but not least... make babies cry.

See? The St. Louis Blues are evil.

But even that fact doesn't put a damper on the fact that hockey fans rock, especially here in Columbus... because we can get together and have a great time no matter what happens on the ice.

And when it comes down to it... that is what is the most important.

Still... if we can get a hold of those Oshie shirts and some kindling...

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  1. he-who-shall-not-be-named was not allowed to alter the shirt... the creative addition came from a sympathetic attendee. =)

  2. LOL... awesome. (And she let him keep it. See? We're all friends here!)