Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wrandom Wrister: Wow... Already...?

"One... new... message..."


"Shea. Hi, it's Brendan Shanahan. Wanted to see if we could make an appointment to have a talk tomorrow. Ummmmm... you are aware that because we televise these games on NBC's networks, that there are actually cameras at these things, right? That means there's, like, video and stuff...

"The video clearly shows... the fact that you grabbed the opponent's head and slammed it into the glass constitutes a hit to the head.

"The rules clearly state... 'a hit to the head... in which the primary point of contact is the hea'-- oh. You know what...? I'm already slipping into my 'suspension video voiceover' voice. My bad, man.

"Talk to you tomorrow."

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