Friday, June 22, 2012

Box Full of Letters, Part I: Scott Howson

[An Open Letter to Columbus Blue Jackets General Manager Scott Howson]

Mr. Howson:

Have you lost your ******* MIND?!?!?Seemingly in the same breath as when you tell the Columbus Dispatch that you figure there are two NHL-ready players in this year's Entry Draft... share the little tidbit that you have no intent of trading up from #2, but scenarios exist in which you might be willing to trade DOWN?!?!?

Now, I may be an armchair GM here, and I certainly don't get that kind of salary, but... if there are two NHL-ready players in an Entry Draft, and you have one of the top two picks...

... and ESPECIALLY after Blue Jackets fans suffered through not only the worst season in history, saw said suffering mean absolutely nothing as the team lost the Draft Lottery, THEN watched the team's most despised quitter go to Los Angeles and raise the Stanley Cup...


Yet you even DARE to raise the prospect that you won't use the pick the team failed so hard to acquire, to get one of two NHL-ready players? You'd think of taking some kid that you're just going to send down for development? Mr. Howson... the CBJ's reputation for developing its players is... ummmmm... well, it's not listed by many as one of the organization's "pros."

In short, that "we might just trade down" $#!+ is NOT funny, sir. Don't even kid about that.

Come to think of it... don't be serious about it, either. I think it's a safe bet that a vast majority of the CBJ fanbase is pissed enough at you.

I would say take a survey, but I really do think we all know what the consensus is.

Sadly, as much as I have tried to keep my composure on the issue of your continued employment... said composure is eroding with each passing day of NashWatch.

Drop one component of the "want list" already. Get a deal done with someone outside of the Central Division. At this point, I don't care if Nash does become a Ranger or a Flyer. Or a Leaf... hell, LET Brian Burke continue derailing Nash's career. Go for it. Sharks? Why not?

Just do something.

I've stopped caring. Just get Nash out of Columbus. He wants out. Nash's continued involvement with this team is a distraction and nothing more.

Drop the price a little and just get it over with. It's time to find a guy who has the drive (and the leadership ability) to be a leader, and get Nash somewhere where he doesn't have the pressure of the "C" on his chest that he can't handle.

Do it today. Please. Just turn the page. You have a hockey team to run. He had a crappy year. Take it for what it is.

Don't you dare trade down in this Draft. Your future in Columbus is dubious (at best) beyond this year.

The recent past is a mess. The present... well, you've seen it. Don't even think of taking this franchise's future down with you.



  1. I think what you are missing here is all signs seem to point at one of the two players he thinks are 'NHL' ready (Galchenyuk) is not expected to go in the top 2. I think they have their eyes on Yakupov or Galchenyuk.

    If EDM goes Yakupov, they will likely trade down so they can get the most of their pick and grab Galchenyuk at a lower spot along with some other player(s).

    If EDM drafts Yakupov and we can't work out a trade down they will take Galchenyuk 2nd.

    If EDM picks Ryan Murray they will draft Yakupov.

  2. It's a gamble. And a bad one if someone else swipes him in the process.