Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wow... It's (Tentatively) Over...

While we slept and dreamed our dreams about how quickly we could end the Lockout with just two chairs, two pairs of handcuffs, Gary Bettman, Don Fehr and a dry cleaning bag...

No...? Well, that was my dream, anyway.

While we slept and you apparently had much tamer dreams than mine... the freakin' bastards did it.

Contract limits closer to what the league wanted. Revenue sharing. Nice, long-term CBA. All of it. Done.


I should be outside turning cartwheels, making snow angels, or whatever. However, we all well know that we should have been doing that months ago. Such as, at the beginning of a regular hockey season.

While this feeling may very well change in a few days when stuff is ratified -- maybe even only a few hours -- there's one feeling that's nagging at me.

I've been bitching about this lockout since it began. To fellow hockey fans, on Twitter, to the four or five co-workers who care about/know about the sport.

Occasionally even here. Obviously, I haven't written much, but I would have just been repeating myself, while trying to come up with clever new ways to say the same crap. Hell, I endorsed waterboarding, for Gretzsakes.

Despite all this, I can't shake this nagging feeling....

Right now... with fans robbed of a normal season, Columbus robbed of its All Star Game, Detroit robbed of its Winter Classic, and a torrent of mudslinging and backbiting that makes the American government appear downright functional...

I almost don't give a $#!+ that we're (tentatively) a week or so away from hockey.


I don't know. Give me a few hours.

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