Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pacific Disaster

It's nothing less than a disaster.

Sadly, the way the Blue Jackets played over the last three games against Pacific Division opponents wasn't even all that disastrous.

However, life is a series of moments. And all the wrong moments happened at all the wrong times for Columbus. A slipped coverage here, a defensive lapse there, and the Jackets have dropped the first three of a six-game, essentially make-or-break road trip.

Where Aaron Portzline was premature in declaring the Jackets en route to a losing season barely a week ago... he looks like a freakin' prophet now.

And the Jackets are just halfway through the road trip, with Detroit, St. Louis and Chicago still to come.

To hell with the B.S. "interference" call on Drazenovic... I've said it for years: You have to kill the crap penalties, too.

Even with the defensive corps at full strength... there was nothing this team could do to keep up with the Anaheim Ducks.

Not that turnovers help.

Now, it's sadly very apparent that Jarmo Kekalainen will arrive in Columbus with the team in full Evaluation Mode.

It's only one-third into the season, sure. But this is serious miracle territory we're talking about here to get into anything resembling Playoff contention.

That's the painful truth. Nothing was expected of this team this year. But this fan base needs to see better.

Especially if we're sitting through this many plays of the same Kia Hamster ad. Every. Freakin'. Night.

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