About The "Author"

Blogger? Yes.

Rabid hockey fan? Oh, hell yes.

Humorist...? Depends on your sense of humor.

I began my hockey-watching career watching the Boston Bruins in an epic Playoff series with Montreal in the 1990s. Strangely enough, I caught on to the Adams Division neighbor Quebec Nordiques in 1994, which I'll admit was weird, but they seemed to dislike Montreal just as much... and man, it's hard to not like Joe Sakic. This intra-division loyalty became a little less weird when the 'Diques moved out west to Colorado and became the Avalanche.

From this experience, I developed a healthy hatred for all things Detroit, which came in handy when the blessed day came in 1997 that my hometown of Columbus finally got its own NHL team.

To me, hockey is the greatest sport on Earth, and hockey fandom runs the gauntlet of emotions, from the elation of broken records and crazy goals, to the bitter disappointments of Game 7 collapses and goals called back by some idiots in suits in Toronto.

This blog is about all of the above and more. My focus is mainly on the Blue Jackets, but I write about the Bruins as well, when there's time (believe me, if I could make a sustainable wage just spouting off like this, I'd do it full time). And hey, now that Adam Foote's retired, I can actually stomach watching the Avs again (it's a sore point among Columbus fans... you understand).

However, I also try to attack hot topics in hockey, because for some reason, I feel the need to share.

Maybe it's therapeutic.

Outside of hockey, I'm a public relations and marketing communications professional, have the most patient spouse in the world and several dogs. I am a loud and proud (mostly loud) Ohio University Bobcat. I'm a big pop culture, movie and music junkie as well... which I now channel into a career on the side as an adjunct professor at a local university here in Columbus.

Anyway, I'm all about fun here (mostly). Soooo... enjoy. You won't always agree with me, but I like feedback nonetheless, so post a comment or shoot me an e-mail at martini@MartiniHockey.net. I'm also on Twitter, where I yammer about hockey in real time, and if you wish, you can put a "Like" on my Facebook page, and I can bombard your feed with acidic wit and alleged wisdom (okay, "bombard" is a strong word).

"If It's A Hockey Hour, It's Happy Hour!" If those aren't words to live by... I don't know what else to tell ya.

Thanks for stopping by.